From Job Seekers to Hiring Managers: Job Interview Tips You Need to Know

Written by Katie Conroy

19th July 2021

job seekers to hiring managers interviews

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As much as some of us might hate it, job interviews are a necessary part of the job-seeking process. It doesn’t matter if you are the interviewee or the interviewer, it can be a stressful experience if you aren’t prepared. The following tips will be helpful for those of you receiving the questions, as well as those firing them away.

For Job Seekers:

Do a Mock Interview

If you’ve ever been through the interview process before, you probably remember that feeling in the pit of your stomach when the hiring manager asked you a question you weren’t prepared for. Rather than stumble over your words and fill the silence with “um,” do your homework before the interview and look at potential questions. Practice how you would answer them and be sure to come up with some questions of your own. Forbes also suggests coming up with personal stories such as a time when you learned from a mistake, took on a leadership role, or dealt with a difficult colleague.

Give Your Confidence a Boost

Practicing your interviewing skills will certainly make you look assured and capable when applying for a job, 

but there are other steps you can take to boost your self-confidence and job prospects. A new outfit can definitely make a positive impression on potential employers—just make sure to research the office dress code before choosing an outfit. And when choosing a hairstyle, opt for straight and sleek styles.

 Another way to build your confidence is to ensure you have a beautiful and warm smile. If you have misaligned teeth, you can affordably correct the issue with an at-home aligner. For example, aligners from SmileDirectClub are ideal for treating minor to moderate misalignment issues, and they offer nighttime-only treatment so you won’t have to wear your aligners all day long. Keep in mind that this is largely a cosmetic treatment; more serious alignment problems will typically require in-office care.

Be Mindful of Your Reputation

You need to be careful when considering what other people think about you – are they objective?

While your job application, resume, and references paint a clear picture of you as a potential candidate, your social media presence might paint an entirely different one. Hiring managers will check out your social media pages to gauge your character, predict workplace behaviour, and look for red flags such as inappropriate comments or pictures. If you are a little worried, rest assured that an online reputation isn’t hard to develop and change if you work with the right people. A reputation management firm can work with an in-house writing team to generate positive publicity such as blog entries, press releases, and various articles that highlight your volunteer work, awards, and achievements.

For Hiring Managers:

Save Time by Pre-Screening

As a hiring manager or CEO, finding the right candidate eats up a lot of time when you factor in time spent conducting interviews. To make the most of your time and that of your company, pre-screen potential candidates. Have candidates fill out an application form either online or in person. The application should ask for basic information such as name, phone number, and educational/work background. This is also the place to ask for the contact information of past supervisors and any other references. Candidates should include a resume for your review, as well as a cover letter if you prefer. Review all applications and resumes thoroughly before calling a candidate in for an interview. By doing so, you can increase the likelihood of interviewing only those candidates who truly fit the job description, and have the skills and expertise necessary to be an asset to the company.

Know What to Ask

Once you’ve narrowed down candidates and have a list of potentials, it’s time to start conducting interviews. Start with questions that give the candidate an opportunity to tell you how they will be a positive contribution to the company. However, according to Monster, you also need to be looking for compatibility in addition to likeability or “you may end up with someone who can do the job technically but who’s totally out of sync with the rest of your team.” For example, you might ask about their ability to accept constructive criticism, typical work pace, desire for structure and direction, and decision-making skills. Keep in mind that compatibility has absolutely nothing to do with age, race, sexual orientation, disability, or family or marital status, so steer clear of any questions or comments that allude to such. Focus on assessing the candidate as it pertains to their knowledge, skills, experience, and level of compatibility in all areas of the company, including the job itself as well as company culture and values.

 A job interview takes preliminary work no matter what side of the table you are seated on. If you are a job seeker, be sure to do your research and plenty of mock interviews, and be aware that hiring managers are looking at more than just your resume. As for hiring managers, make the process easier by pre-screening, and know the best questions to ask so you can make the best assessment. The right amount of preparation on either side paves the way for a quality candidate to find the perfect fit.

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