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We help SMEs and organisations to find Employment and Welfare-to-Work, Customer Service, Sales and Business Development professionals, in time, within budget, in London and in South East England.

Our promise is to deliver a passionate and skilled candidate at a realistic market price, who can hit the ground running. We enable you to meet every project on time which will help you win future business. We do all of this within 21 days from the assignment.

Every company is unique, and our recruitment team take the time to really understand your needs to find the very best candidate for you. Our mission is to match your business with top-tier talents who have the right skills and attitude, who add value to your business while closely fit with your company's culture. Sales recruiting is our speciality, which means our team understand what it takes to be a rep for your business.

We believe each candidate is not merely a number, but a potential real resource for your company's success. All candidates are thoroughly screened and prepared before getting anywhere near your reception and we also ensure we request a meeting with all potential employees at our offices to ensure they meet your requirements.

Regardless of how you choose to interact with us, our purpose is to be regarded as a trusted recruitment partner who can introduce exceptional talent, effectively market your brand, and provide honesty & transparency throughout the process.

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Why choose Career Jump Recruitment as your recruitment partner?

We offer 12 months rebate period so that protects the investment that you make in employing a candidate

We have an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the industry and the market

We use bespoke competency based interview questions to ensure candidate suitability in your company

We believe in long-term partnership so we fully committed to developing and building strong relationships with our clients

We offer dedicated Account Management, a single point of contact throughout the whole recruitment process

We combine the skills and career objectives of our candidates with the values and mission of the company for which they want to work for, and not only with the job specifications

We offer fixed price recruitment, so you remain in control of your recruitment budget

Make Hiring Talent a Priority.

We certainly will.

Recruitment in 5 easy steps

1. Client Alignment - Laying the Foundation

A consultative discussion to understand your company and its business needs, determine corporate objectives for the role, team and organisation, culture and hiring process; to extract specifications for the role, salary targets, and make preliminary recommendations. Our goal is to work as though we’re part of your organisation, as an extension of your team.

2. Position Description - Profile of the Ideal Candidates

We quickly establish candidate archetypes with a thorough definition of the skills, experience and DNA necessary to be successful in the role. Then we go and check our database. We look everywhere, speak with tens or event hundreds of highly qualified talent including candidates currently employed by your competitors.

3. Scientific Assessment - Screening and Interviews

We believe that “fit” is not just what a candidate has done in the past, but how they can add value to your organisation moving forward. We go beyond the data to uncover the candidate’s “soft skills.” During the screening process, we narrow down the field and coordinate the interview process. Every candidate is rigorously tested, leveraging a unique mix of advanced tools, including track record verification, behaviour-based interviews and role-playing, and psychometric profiling and benchmarking. We present the best talent based upon the search mandate.

4. Job Offer - Offer Letter and Negotiation

We work until the job is done. Period. We closely collaborate with the Hiring Manager to develop, deliver and facilitate candidate acceptance of the offer.

5. Placement Follow Up - Post Hire Check-in

We make sure that you are happy with the candidate and we do regular check-ups in the first 3 months.

Are You Looking To Hire Top-Notch Talent For Your Organisation?

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