Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

What exactly is the Career Jump Membership Program?

This is our brand new membership programme designed for you. You can choose between 3 options depending on your personal circumstances and your goals: looking for a job, changing your career or progressing in your current one. All programmes are tailored to meet your specific needs and are delivered in a clear and easy-to-understand way.

Who are the Career Success Coaches?

Our main Career Success Coaches are Roland Tamas and Evelyn Sky, however, we work with other fully trained and qualified coaches with a wealth of knowledge and experience in career development, coaching, employment, recruitment and HR. They’ve helped thousands of people find the job that they wanted.

How do I get in touch with my Career Success Coach?

Once you join the Career Success Club, you will be provided with all the contact details and information about your Career Success Coach, private group details and all other perks for our members!

How will I be supported?

For more details, please visit our Career Jump membership page: www.careerjump.co.uk/pricing.   

Can you give me career advice without me joining the Career Success Club?

We have lots of different career information on our blog and social media channels. We share tips, tricks, success stories and things we have learnt and applied ourselves. Our articles and videos are practical as we aim to provide you with the knowledge that you can apply straight away. However, if you are looking for personalised advice from one of our Career Success Coaches, you will need to sign up for one of our great membership plans.

Do you work with people who are not from the UK?

Yes, absolutely! One of the great things about Career Jump is that we are an online career development platform which allows us to help people no matter where they are in the world! We are global! When you join one of our membership plans, you will be asked the city and country where you live and you can give us details in case you are looking to relocate and look for a job in a different market. This will allow our Career Success Coaches to provide you with personalised career support.

How can I connect with other members?

As a Career Jump member you can join various exclusive online groups depending on your current professional level as well as watch webinars, attend classroom-based training and networking events. Happy connecting! 

Do I need a special software to access the content on the website or watch the webinars?

No, you don’t need special software. You can have access to your training materials and videos from any device from anywhere at any time as long as you have internet connection. 

Are there additional charges that are not included in the membership?

No, everything included in your Membership Plan is covered by the membership fee. You will never be charged anything other than the rate that you signed up for. However, any additional service or product that you choose which is not part of your membership package is charged separately, but only if you select it.

How can I upgrade, pause or cancel my Career Jump membership?

You can upgrade or pause your membership with us by emailing us at info@careerjump.co.uk. If you want to cancel, you need to fill in this Membership Cancellation Form. If you are upgrading, pausing or cancelling your membership, you must notify us at least one week before your next payment date. We will then confirm with you in writing within 5 working days. For full details, please check our Membership T&Cs.

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